Dead For A Ducat Promo Image Designed by Lauren Hubbard

Dead For A Ducat Promo Image Designed by Lauren Hubbard

Dash Hamlet's partner was killed and he's supposed to do something about it. Except vengeance is only the beginning as he finds himself in the crosshairs of the most powerful crime boss in sunny San Diego, Claude, as she tries to keep her underworld from imploding. Can this detective find his way out of the labyrinth of dames and double crosses or is his tragedy inevitable? Enter one of Shakespeare's most famous worlds where everyone's probably rotten and one thing's for sure: No one survives unscarred, if they survive at all. It's the Bard's greatest detective story reimagined with the inspiration of classic film noir.

Dead For A Ducat is premiering at the Orlando Fringe Festival AND the Toronto Fringe Festival this summer!

Written by Matthew Klein

Directed by Kelly Monroe Johnston

Featuring Peter Coleman and Charlotte Foster

Enjoy this awesome teaser put together by supporter Justin Bacolo!

The reviews are in and DEAD FOR A DUCAT is a critical smash! Check out these amazing reviews...

"Kelly M. Johnston’s direction is sharp and funny..." - NOW Toronto

"There's method in the madness of this hilarious two-hander noir adaptation of Hamlet." - NOW Toronto

"Playwright [Matthew] Klein maintains the domino effect of the Bard’s plot while embracing the quippy drama of a 50s film noir.

"’s clear this is a talented team." - NOW TORONTO

"It’s an ingenious new take on a classic tale." - Mooney On Theatre

"Klein’s dialogue is snappy and full of classic film noir detective lingo. It’s slangy and cool, with a hint of Hollywood glamour." - Mooney On Theatre

"...a fast-paced, stylish blend of classic and modern stories that feels both familiar and fresh. It’s a ton of fun and worth a look." - Mooney On Theatre

"...a complicated drama that grapples beautifully with big Shakespearean emotions then artfully undercuts any sentimentality with the tragic tough-guy language of film noir." - My Entertainment World

"Hamlet‘s complexity...blending it brilliantly with truly faithful film noir details from language to manner to pacing." - My Entertainment World

"Matthew Klein has given his imagination a workout." - Orlando Sentinel

"...directed by Kelly M. Johnston, [doesn’t] let the energy flag over 90 minutes, and nicely differentiate[s] their characters." - Orlando Sentinel

"Shakespeare fans will enjoy finding every Easter egg..." - Orlando Sentinel


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  • Bret Parks
  • Hank Kwon
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  • Lauren Hubbard
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  • Alejandra Venancio
  • Jeff Perkinson
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